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Going Out of Business Sale 

UPDATE January 9 2017

Everything must go by February 1, 2017

All items now 40% off for this website Until Sunday January 22 (6pmEST), if you enter coupon code "simeon40" at checkout. 

Sale ends January 22.

(To get the 40% off, you must enter it at checkout.  It is near the end of the checkout process)

Act now, I will not be cutting more of this special wood. 

Use coupon:  "simeon40" for the 40% off


Quantities available for each item are stated on each listing.

Go to my ebay store for phenomenal deals as well.  Many of the deals there are even better than the stated % off deals that are available now.  I will try to have all inventory sold by a drop dead date of February 1, 2017.  

August 25 2016: International shipping is actual cost USPS Priority Mail for all orders.  International customers proceed with your transaction, then you will receive a payment request for the balance of the actual shipping cost after the package is weighed.

Use this site:      Click the categories on the left to get to products with detailed pictures.  Click on the pictures in a product offering and you can enlarge them and scroll around the actual picture as well.  

Buy your spruce here on this site (using categories on the left) for viewing pictures and specs, or please take a look at my ebay store as well:


I have thousands of violin, viola, mandolin and cello tops in stock.   There are  hundreds of violin and viola tops in my ebay store and on this site shown by log number and specific gravity. (link above to ebay store).  You do not need to use ebay to buy the items there!  Just contact me which items you would like.  The items you see on this site and my ebay store are just a small amount of what I have available.


My name is Simeon Chambers, based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA.   I cut and sell high quality Engelmann Spruce tonewood to many top professionals around the world.   I do the cutting in the forest, the splitting, the stacking, the milling in the shop, the grading and the shipping.  I see the wood from start to finish.  I air dry all my wood, no kiln or heat.   I do not ship any wood that is not ready to carve.    All these things are keys to why I have so much confidence in my spruce for makers at the highest level, anywhere in the world.  Please don't build with inferior wood. Many, many awards contine to be won at the VSA competiotion with my wood.  Instruments from this wood are also played in major orchestras around the world.

Whether you are a violin maker or run a violin shop, my products can help you.  I have spruce for tops in many grades as well as soundpost sticks and bass bars that are the best in the world.  I also sell repair wood and cleats.  I can cut just about any spruce product less than cello length for repairs or restoration.

Shop Easily:  You can shop on this site easily by using the shopping cart and paying by credit card.   Domestic orders, shipping is $5 for up to $24.50, then $8 for orders up to $50, $12 for $50 to $150, $20 to $300 then $30 to $500, $500 to $1000,  $50, then $80 over $1000.  International shipping is actual cost of shipping via USPS.

You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card on this site.   My shopping cart takes all credit cards.  You may also pay by check.  If you wish to pay by check, go through the process of ordering, but do not finish the online payment, then email or call me that you want to send a check. Print the page you are on at that point and email me at  simc@q.com  or call 303 507 5225.   Please make check out to Simeon Chambers Tonewood and send to 53 Sylvestor Place,  Highlands Ranch,  CO 80129 

International Orders:  I ship worldwide. Go ahead and proceed through the order process including payment.  If the shipping fee does not cover the actual amount of shipping I will send a paypal invoice for the difference.  You can then pay that with a credit card that difference.   I charge the actual cost of shipping.  I can also write on the customs form a lesser amount for you so you pay less tax.  You suggest what amount and I can write that amount in the form.   

Many of my SPRUCE VIOLIN, VIOLA AND MANDOLIN TOPS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE  IN MY EBAY STORE. Each unit has pictures of it. You can buy using ebay or buy without using ebay.   Email me the item code (like 15a) or the 12 digit ebay item number and I can pull the auction so you can buy it direct.  I have thousands of top sets in stock.  You can go there to peruse hundreds of tonewood offerings.

For questions, email me or call me at 303-507 5225 or simc@q.com   The web address for my ebay store is:  http://stores.ebay.com/Simeon-Chambers-Tonewood-Store?_trksid=p2047675.l2563